Thursday, 28 July 2011

New Maps Review

Just finished me lunch break and thought i would give you an overview of the maps

Drive In
Small map with a couple of good sniper positions has a look and feel like Zoo good for run and shoot

Hanger 18
Massive map lots of camping spots but also still good for the run and shooter

Mid size map some good sniper spots bit once again also good for the run and shoot player

Small map with lots going on lots of camp spots but still good for a run and shoot player

so for me the run and shooter type lots of new maps to kick all of your asses on as i will show you all tonight

The General

Bout time

Il download it when I get in chaps but mite not be on till late on

You'll still be downloading them by the time I get home :-)

New Map Pack

Just to let you know the maps are now available for download mine are downloading as i type so hows up for Thursday PS night tonight then Im there


Wednesday, 27 July 2011

This Should Help Mate

1. Click on the Start Button
2. Type diskmgmt.msc in the Start Search field.
3. Press SHIFT+CTRL+ENTER to open Disk Management snap-in in an elevated state.
4. Right-click on the WD drive
5. Enter the amount of drive space to shrink in Enter the amount of space to shrink in MB:. Remember that 1024MB = 1GB
6. Click Shrink.
NOTE: When the Shrink operation is completed then you there should be unallocated space on the hard drive, refer to image below.

7. Right-click the Unallocated Disk Space to select New Simple Volume….
8. Click Next when the New Simple Volume Wizard opens.
9. Enter the disk size of the new simple volume and click Next.
10. Choose an available drive letter and click Next.
11. Perform a quick format the new simple volume as NTFS. Name the volume and click Next.

12. Review disk settings and click Finish.
13. Congratulations, you now have successfully create a new partition using the Disk Management snap-in with Windows Vista.

Let me know if you have any issues with this mate


Hard drive who'd have 1

I need to split my hard drive to format it to FAT32 it's mind blowing :(

Friday, 22 July 2011

Jumping on cod if anyones up for it

New map pack

Just to let you guys know new annihilation map pack out next tufts 28/7/11 so it's going to be a double point weekend I would think

Thursday, 21 July 2011

The general takes on chris and Jamie score tge general 17 the other 6 still the best

The General

On in 20 lads for tge ones up for the challenge

i think apart from Dave CMP5 we are all now on the wall
Hello everyone im gunna kick your asses

Yeah I will wait and see who if anyone comes to ur aid what about dawkie he might the window kicker waiting for a reply from him but who ever turns up will fail to beat me so what is the point of turning up

The Last Stand

There's still time for people to step up to the mark and give you your just deserts ;-)

Just spoke to Jamie he is at darts tonight maybe on around half ten mate looks like as it gets nearer the time mate everyone is moving away from u are you still going to try or are u retreating chris

Just admit that it no one really wants to go head to head with the General

Yeah is there anyone

The Last Stand

Obviously we know we can take you down General B, it's how you take the loss that worries me. To shut this muddy funkster up once and for all would anyone like to join me, to take on and give this whinging General a good hiding so he can stop all this useless bragging??

So I have chris down first for abetting then Jamie window locker if he actually jumps on for once all mouth Jason any one else ?????

I'm handing out lessons tonight so only tge brave or stupid need apply already had three stupid ones where's the brave members out there

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Well im pleased that some can stand up and admit that I'm good however I'm not a knuckle dragging northern monkey it is grim up north this why I miss tge south so much

Oh dear it's great news for me that ur router has arrived just shocked that u have told us all thought that was going to be ur reason for a no show now u have to turn up a take a beating m8

Have you got your team for tomorrow night chris Jamie and zepp both of you have your wish at taking me on

Anyone else want to bite of more than they can crew if so just let me know

It's all gone quite

What's up with everyone no 1 is talkin shit anymore . Is it Coz iv got my router back and your all scared lol

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Router a go :)

Back on line now we will see who's the number 1 chaps all this jibber jabber you have all bin talkin about lol

Monday, 18 July 2011

I should be on tonight m8 maybe l8r

"The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his"
General George S Patton
The object of C.O.D is to kill as many of you bastards as I can with my AK74u

Number 1

Yea I must ad MIT m8 you are number 1 with a potato gun . We will see that's if I get my router back :(

Number 1

Yea I must ad MIT m8 you are number 1 with a potato gun . We will see that's if I get my router back :(

Yep showing ur age m8 as u have got everything tge wrong way round I was the shark Jamie the lion and u can be the ant seems about right

Thursday then mate i will teach u ur lesson after chris and Jamies

Just seem on the news ur local village is missing there idot give a call home m8 seems they are all worried about u

we will see who wins on thursday m8, and your right about being a lion I always knew you were a big pussy!!!!!!!!!!!
and as for Jamie being a shark you know what sharks are!!!!!! stinky bottom dwellers
unlike me im like a louse!!! im a small, blood sucking, deadly assassin!!!
hard to kill and however hard you try i just keep coming back to make you suffer!!!
so come on boys come up with a better metaphore than a big pussy cat and a stinky dumb fish!

Nice to see you on the wall mate shame ur just posting crap Thursday seems to be the day I put some young pups to sleep so u can join the queue mate

Let's see what you can do mate ur a fame is still only my N game m8

Lets have it

zepplins return

There is a lot of hot air on this site, the General and Jamie G blowing their own trumpets!!!!!
truth be told they are all just cannon fodder, there is only 1 true leader thats CMP7 (aka zepplin)
destroyer of worlds!!!! killer of generals and small furry animals( aka Jamie G)
so either put up or shut up Muppets!!!!!!
you have had it now cos I have got my commando back and a bullet with Ians name on

Has no one got a comment about my last post or have u finally realised that I'm number 1 for a reason

you are a good player that cannot be ignored however you dont fuck with a shark in water when your a lion and yes in this case im the shark and you the lion
so pussy boy (as in lion's being a big cat) i dont think your knocking me that much but im happy to see what you got mate
lets hope that mr BT has sent your router then i can show you the 2nd in the clan for a reason
your good but not that good i think your best needs to be a lot fucking better before you take me on
up to 4 clan members only and no Camping lets see what you have
you round your troops up Chris and let me know before Thurs who of you are man enough to take the Genral on

General Killer

What's started you off ? I reckon we should all show you a lesson, as you said up to 4 should do it. No kills for the General and the walk of shame.

Still bigin it up

Lol you mite have a bad day pal when I batter you but I don't need you on a bad day to knock you ov you perch :)

In fact im happy on Thursday take on the clan
one at a time or up to 4 at a time bring your best im up for the challenge
and Chris i think CMP1 is more than safe mate unless someone will be playing in your place
and as for Jason please the window licker was'nt up to much on his last apperance so i cant see it changing
and as for Dawkie and JLB its the same as Black Ops Where Are They!!!!!!

Game over for you Chris on Thursday Night

we need to find a good wager for the match im happy as ever to put up the CMP1 tag what you offering how about if you lose you have to change from CMP4 to CMP8


we will see if you really have the minerals to be the "General Killer"

Ants as quite on the wall as his character in black ops as he is always dead I think I've only seen one post from him to scared to get involved as could mean he has to back the words just like chris is going to find out on Thursday

Unlucky Jamie at this rate u won't be able to catchup chris

Good old British weather . Need my router back

Friday, 15 July 2011

You got ur router Jamie

Dame theres a lot of bitchin going on at the table lol

No nothing spat out just Backing my words up

General Killer

By that reply it looks like you've just spat out your cornflakes when you read my last message. I won't have time to practice mate as I'm busy all of next week but being as it's you then no practice will be required. Bring on the General :-)

Ok let's settle this one then m8 i will give u a week to practice m8 next thurs best of 3 nine lives games u choice map weapons then me then we agree the third if you get that far start at 8 pm m8

Then we will see who is the joke and who can back up there word

U up for it

General Killer

Joke -

Who's small and talks a good talk?

General Bennett ;-)

Thursday, 14 July 2011

It's not like u had a chance against me m8

Here a joke to keep ur chin up m8

Whats small black with an orange b on the front

Answer jamies home hub

Yea just rub it in all lol

Just got home so grabbing a ruby and should be on later lads

I wish I could pal but when I get it back your in 4 an ass kickin pal

General Killer

Get your ass home General because you're in for a whooping tonight you little weasel ;-)

I could beat u all if it wasn't for my router yeah yeah can do better than that Jamie


You all no my knife is like a blender il mash you all up lol that's if iv got my router from bt

Is ur router sorted now Jamie ????? or u running scared

U running scared again chris will have to give you 0 chance tonight m8

Nuke town knife up it is then ur all gonna feel the cold steel of me blade and heads up for a scalping from me tommy

General Killer

Not me mate, you've got it all wrong as always. I'll be on tonight (usual time) slashing you up good and proper - no more than you deserve ;-)

I'm in thatcham at the moment but I hope to be back in time to kick some butt I think chris is going to the company BBQ as he is running scared and can't back up his words

Are we all on tonight???

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Did u sort out your router Jamie

Looks like u have been out ranked Jamie

Chris overtook u last night mate better get that router back up and running before it gets to a point where ur unable to catch him up

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Well I'm not in my own in that case mate chris is going to try and out rank u tonight mate


It's all right pal il
Get back up there when I get a router lol

Quite night in then tonight m8

Nice to see I'm not the only one missing out on cod this week

Mind you chris will be on it all night trying to out rank you mate wont u chris

Monday, 11 July 2011


I would m8 but my router packed up this morning :( so I can't bet ya lol . Am well gutted got to wait to get a new 1

Who's up for a general challenge

Who wants to take on the general I'm thinking best out if three games nine lives per games

I'm even happy to take on a few at a time

So who is up for it ??????

Dont worry next week I will do the same back to u lads

Hard times :)

Lol no dout you will get us back m8 . This sun is hot pal it's like being in spain :)

Beer & Sun

Yes mate that's later and not now. Anyway it will be raining by the time you finish and then you'll get wet :-)

Yeah yeah I'm in the office this week very funny well at least I can put the roof down later and catch the rays I suppose


Good do it's going down a treat m8 unlike some folk in the office :)

Beer & Sun

Nice one Jamie, I think I'll join you. Cheers !!!

Beer and sun

Just sat out side of a pub with a nice cold beer and gettin a tan :) chaps

Your not wrong there mind u better than being on training course like dawkie

General Killer

You're only jealous because you're in the office working :-)


I know ur be jumping on black ops Heath lambert my ARSE

Only 3 of us have completed

Guys myself Chris and Jamie are the only ones to sign up to the wall at some point can the others sign up

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Friday, 8 July 2011

Who else wants to take me on then

Looks like I will take you both on and show u both up

General Killer

It only needs one game to sort the privates out from the generals ;-)
always best of 3 or are you thinking you may be able to get lucky for a game ?????

General Killer

Who said anything about a 2nd game !!! Cheating B'tard :-)
ok we have the map and weapon what about the time and place
2nd game nuke town pistols

General Killer

Array and PSG1's should do the trick.
name the place and time then mate thats all i need. then i will let you have first choice of map and weapons

General Killer

It's Seargent mate and no I am the "General Killer". Read it backwards and you'll catch what I mean (not a riddle). Pop that cap in your hairy white ass :-)

General Killer PLEASE!!!!!!!! Sargent Major killer at best

is that Turkish??? anyway come straight out in English tell me time place etc.......
Otherwise u a Pussy Boy

CMP1 Killer

Hi General B - ti dluow pleh fi uoy dluoc lleps sa em on dnatsrednu uoy !!! ;-)
what no reply?? come on anytime anyplace Chciken Boy
anytime, anyplace and this time you will have my FULL concentration and i WON't be giving any chances

1 Star General

Oi now!!! I've taken you on before and that time it was a draw so start sweating as another rendezvous might just be around the corner!!! ;-)
so are you going to try and see if your best matches up mate "come on Chris" can you take CMP1


I dont think you can move me from the top spot but have ago i dare you
Just keep running and running Mr B as I'm going to pop a cap in your hairy ass.


Jamie you know that the leader board is always topped by me mate

CMP 2 Kills Everything

Yeah i dont think so mate may be change it to CMP2 Kills everyone in HTD by spray n pray


cmp 2 kills all

Its Here the CMP Wall

This Wall/Blog has been design to be used as a place to keep up to date with COD and Clan news and a place to take the piss out of other members Enjoy
The General