Friday, 20 April 2012

i would like thank my rebellion army for last night, we fought like warrior poets.thanks to ant,chris and new boy gilly..and if you count up, ian you will find it was 6 games a crushing,!!! bollocks..more like if you are up for rematch next week,this time no picking the weopons we fight with ,,team death match all,,tactics not how fast your legs run with the flags,,,,and lee has been put back in his place and is back with omg...

Thursday, 19 April 2012

The Rebellion is over OMG have been smashed

So the rebellion came gave a good fight whilst the CMP allstars The General, JamieG, Lee and Leerod were playing cold, then once the CMP Clan started to get there mojo back they started to fall. There tatics of camping all the time fell short when they had to man up and play capture the flag or demolition

So this means that Zepplin now has to have the clan tag of igay for next week as this was what we had agreed if/when they lose

Rebellion what rebellion just noise

A big thank you to all the CMP Allstars you done us proud Zepplin hold ur head in shame u let ur men down have brought shame to them all

The general

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Game on

Gettin ready to give the omg clan a right slapping team cmp all stars all the way get ready 4 a hammering

Jamie g and iain b

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Monday, 16 April 2012


Well those of u from the omg clan (rebellion) firstly omg clan sounds like a bunch of cheer leading girls or gay boys in your case

Anyway CMP will smash the omg clan anyone after the centimetre uprising will have to be voted vis a democratic vote to see what clan tag number will be assigned that's if u even get one

Long live the CMP

The general

The General Killer

The leader of the rebellion

No mistakes there then


Part 2 of the quiz

Now can you spot the general and Jamie

Clue they are in black with respirators on and mp5s in hand

Rebellions new weapons

I still don't think they no how to use them

Quick quiz

Here a quick quiz can you spot the rebellion member here's a clue look on the floor

Rebellion take heed

Mind your backs boys

Is Zepplin and his little pink gay rebellion tank

The rebellion

Afraid of pistol Pete and jamie g long live the rebellion lol

I like the posters mate nice to see that you are right for once you slogan we want you for W.A.R standing for Wankers Alliance for Rebellion

Nice one mate you did it again

The General Killer

Hi Jason and "Team", let it be known that the Rebellion will overturn the dictatorship come Thursday evening at 20:30hrs. The General and his sidekick (Jamie) will be shot down and be made to beg for mercy as the Rebellion overpower their bolt hole. We all know what happened to Saddam Hussein & Osama bin Laden now don't we, no matter where you run and hide we'll always find you.

"Long Live the Rebellion"

Sunday, 15 April 2012

The General Killer

Maybe they should ask there wife's and girlfriends to take there place on Thursday Jamie maybe more challenge for u m8

We will have 2 wait and see m8 I don't think they have the stones to take us on again still unbeaten

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I notice Jason that both me and Jamie are up for kicking ya ass looks like all ur pussy boys are leaving it all up to u to fly the flag of rebellion on thursday mate

Ur rebellion will be like dads army chris would be pike ant could be jones and u are captain Mannering and lee could be tge Scottish geezer "were all doomed the general and Jamie will kick our ass were all doomed"

Serious lack off balls from ur rebellion mate

He we see Jason getting ready on a Thursday night

Easy target

Spot Jason if you can lol

Friday, 13 April 2012

Il be there getting back in the boat to kick so ass like the old day

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come on lads ..everyone come and play next thursday the old days ..

Here is you rebellion leader Zepplin
looks like Ant may help you but everyone else has gone very quite maybe to pussy to get involved you are taking on the General maybe i should get a team together just to stop the up rising i would only need a 5 year old to beat most of you (Jamie you up for it )

Jason your rebellion would be like ants trying to take over the world even Dave wont get involved. everyone knows you will be hammered and thats why its just you and Ant and maybe ya bum boy Lee (Mr MW3) we will be playing more realistic game (Black Ops) not the arcade version

MIA to KIA in the blink of a second thats your future

The General

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Well looks like your on your own Jason everyone else is to scared to stand up with you, Coming on some of you must have balls even Jason has been man enough to stand up

The General keeps you all scared as always

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

I am always up to smash down the rebellion I've not played for weeks months even so maybe playing like some off you on a good day ( chris zepp ) but u never lose the touch and after an hour no one will come close again

May I also remind u at this point that me and two hats are unbeaten at cap the flag

So come on who is man enough to pop tge head over the trench to get shot off by the general

Dawkie zepp chris and ant you may want to stay at home with the woman and children it may get a bit too full on for u

The one and only general


to all my friends, Chris ,Ant ,Dave, Lee,and jamie ,This is a call to arm's. Too long have we let the general get away with thinking he is the best!!! its time for change , its time for a rebellion!!!
like all dictators Ian your time is at an end!!! its time for a new era to start. My friends come and join the rebellion a week a thursday (19th April) at 8.30 and lets put the general down once and for all. Long live the rebellion!!!!!
General are you man enough to face the rebellion??????