Thursday, 18 August 2011

bull shit bennett

I'll be there mate, hope you dont bitch and moan like you did last week, making up all your excuses,
like I was tired,
it was time of the month
I've got a headache.
I had wonky sights on my gun.
blah, blah blah
and if you remember pal the last time viper clan challenged us all the clan turned up to face the challenge apart from 1, can you remember who that was pal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oh yes it was you , you southern shandy drinking yella belly
like all generals you are good at talking the talk when your a hundred miles away from the action pal, but when put face to face you remind me of a french tank, one forward gear and 26 reverse gears,
Bring it Dick Head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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