Friday, 23 September 2011

And now for he truth

So what they didn't tell you is that on the capture the flag game I had dlb as my wing man. I'm not surprised that you won as on several occasions one time when I had the flag my own player killed me so no surprise you won and the one time we were playing a "head to head" i thought it was a mess around with M60's, well I will give you that I one as i was unaware that all games were a massive try and beat me game even JLB has beaten me before but if you want the glory when I'm not playing seriously I'm only too pleased for you to have it.

However the facts are we are undefeated (me and my wing man Jamie) and I don't think either of us will be turning down any challenge

So man up give us a date and time girls and we will put u back in your place

Also every time chris cmp4 talks about a game he always seems to want to have an extra player when talking about taking me a Jamie on so Ant it seems like he may not have the same confidence in you that you have in him

Stop talking time and date girls that all you need to reply with

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