Thursday, 15 September 2011

Still UN-Defeated

Its got to be said that me and Jamie are still un-defeated dispite the consistant chances given to Zepp and Chris are any of you able to come up with a pair that can beat us?????

Anyway Zepp has been asking about us trying to get into some proper clan games we will need to things to do this.

1: Normally Clan games seem to consist of between 4 to 6  players so we need 4 to 6 players.
Please let me ,Zepp or Jamie know if you are up for it we may even be able to have 2 teams A and B

2: If you know of any other clans or clan members then challenge them Zepp you can forget your old pal in Europe

Just as a heads up i will be or have already changed my PSN to contain the CMP clan tag ready to kick of and use with MW3 it could be cool of we all had the CMP in our PSNID let me know your thoughts

Im jumping on tonight for our Thurday night killing night so hope to see you there lads

The General

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